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Fill in the form below and apply for a listing space for your account with us. Once we run a thorough audit of your account, we will list the account on e-flipo.
2 Wait for offers
You will receive offers from interested parties. You will have a period of 7 days to respond to the offer through us. You can either accept, decline or submit a counter-offer.
3 Make the Deal!
Once the influencer accepts an offer from a client, e-flipo team will get the payment and hold until the promotion time period is complete. As soon as the promotion is over e-flipo team transfers the funds to Influencer.
List your Insta account with us Now It's Free! We value our customers, as digital market is very much exposed to frauds and scams we need to protect our buyers and sellers by doing thorough audit on every profile that is listed. Only the Sellers who are willing to audit their account are listed.
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